Delhi 4 October | Mumbai 6 October

British Boarding Schools Show, India

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Delhi 4 October | Mumbai 6 October

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DELHI 4 October | MUMBAI 6 October

The British Boarding Schools Show is coming for the first time to India in 2018. The Show enables families living in India to gain direct and privileged access to the Heads of some of the most prestigious schools across the UK.

The benefits of a British boarding school education are unparalleled. No other education system has produced so many eminent world leaders, scientists, academics, artists and celebrated business minds.

British schools also have incredible success rates preparing children for the world’s top universities in Britain, the USA and around the world.

At the British Boarding Show we understand that choosing a school is one of the biggest emotional and financial choices a family will make. Meet current parents with children in British schools and attend seminars on transfer into the UK system.

On arrival every visitor will receive a comprehensive show guide with information on all exhibiting schools, maps and some helpful questions to ask if help is needed.

The best education the world has to offer

Marlborough College

British boarding education:

  • Steeped in tradition, but fashioned for the inter-dependence of today’s every-changing world.
  • Produces well mannered, responsible, self-motivated, confident young adults.
  • Prepares students for the best Universities and Academies around the world.
  • All rounded education in academia, sports and the arts.
  • Security and continuity in an unsafe world.
  • Welcomes international pupils. The IB is offered by a large number of schools.

King's Canterbury pupils

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