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EF Academy is a private boarding school with 3 campuses; 2 in the United Kingdom (Oxford and Torquay) and 1 in the United States (New York). We offer the IGCSE, I.B Diploma and A-Level programs for students between the ages of 14- 19.

Our school has everything you might expect from a world class boarding school including modern facilities, experienced teachers and a highly personalized approach to each student’s academic development. But what truly sets us apart is our University Pathway Program, which sets a customized development track for each student based on their university and career aspirations. We test and measure them regularly to see how they are performing in line with their achievement goals and provide additional support for those who require it.

The success of our students is a clear testament to the effectiveness of this approach and has led to great placements for fiercely competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Economics and Engineering with more than 73% of our students gaining acceptance to their first-choice universities. It also helped our graduating students earn significant university scholarships, with those from the class of 2017 awarded $ 6.4 million in grants and scholarships.

Success goes beyond the classroom and in order to truly excel in life, we help our students develop the confidence, self-belief and resourcefulness needed to articulate their thoughts and navigate their way in complex situations. We do this through over 230 different clubs and activities designed to challenge our students by putting them in real-world scenarios.

Our school will help you grow tremendously as a person and develop the skills necessary for success in an increasingly connected global economy. You will graduate from our high school far more confident, self-reliant and disciplined than you were when you arrived.

The fact that we are a single school with campuses in both the UK and US means you can choose either or both; some students begin and end in one campus while others choose to take advantage of our campus rotation program. The ultimate benefit of this structure is that we are uniquely positioned to help students studying at our boarding schools in the U.K to get university acceptances and scholarships in the U.S, and vice versa. Our students have been accepted to top ranked schools on both continents including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and many others.

To learn more about how we can help you accomplish your dreams, please visit our website ef.com/academy or contact our Regional Admissions Office in India on +91 2249444318  


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  +91 2249444318




Fees: £32,000 – £37,500

The Head:
Dr. Paul Ellis

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